Ortiz/Yates Medal History

At the 2009/2010 Darren Robinson presented the first Ortiz/Yates Medal, below extracts from his speech

“In 2006 two men established a Cricket Club from scratch. Now it is worth pausing for a moment to contemplate the enormity of such a task. Players, access to and use of grounds, equipment, Office Bearers, legal requirements such as a Constitution, Insurance, are just some of the issues they faced. Just the thought of such a task is daunting to say the least……they are the reason we are all sitting here tonight, having enjoyed yet another season of cricket with our mates.
The hours of tireless work that Brian and Chris have spent creating and fostering the Club are too numerous to count. Ongoing, hard fought ‘battles’ with Local Government over ground allocations etc., never ending efforts to ‘recruit’ and keep volunteers, ‘negotiations’ with other Clubs with whom we share facilities, are just some of the matters that made up this time.
The reputation of the Club and how it is perceived by others, other Clubs, the Association, is perhaps even more important. And this is undoubtedly the most important legacy of the Club’s founders. The principle of a fair go for all, individual accountability, and to never lose sight of the fact that whilst we play to win, we play for enjoyment. Those principles emanate directly from the values and character of the two founders. Success on this front is measured by the high esteem in which this Club is held.
If you go to the Rams website you will see the following value statement:…“The aim of the Club isn’t solely for sport, the Rams are also trying to create a social community that gives families the opportunity to meet and form new friendships.”
Through their vision and tireless efforts, Brian and Chris have allowed the Club to achieve this aim, and the Club will continue to achieve this aim for many, many years to come. All of us who played cricket this season and indeed the community as a whole, owe them a great debt.
The name of the award, the Ortiz Yates Medal, is significant in another respect, and that is that there is more than one Ortiz who has contributed to making this Club what it is. Kathy, Chris’ wife, and the current Secretary and Treasurer of the Cricket Club, is the lifeblood of this Club. Chris would be the first to acknowledge that little that he and Brian have achieved would have been possible were it not for Kathy’s tireless hard work.
It gives me great pleasure to announce tonight the introduction of a new award, the Ortiz Yates Medal, named in honour of these two men. The award will be presented for the first time tonight and will be presented annually, at each Senior Presentation Night. What makes this medal unique is that it is voted not by team members or even officials within the Club, but instead by opposing teams. This ensures that the recipient not only was the ‘best’ performed cricketer but also that he played the game in the spirit for which this Club is known."