Senior Umpiring


If a bye is scheduled in your grade you must provide competent umpires to umpire three games other than in their own grade. Failure to provide the required umpires, or should any fail to appear at their appointed matches, will render the Club responsible to a fine of $250.00 for each occasion that each umpire offends.

A team that provides its full complement of three (3) umpires will be awarded an additional ten (10) competition points.

The player/umpire will be considered to be an Official Umpire and will officiate at the bowler’s end. Player/umpires, if financial members of the Parramatta District Cricket Umpires Association, and compliant with the dress code, will be paid at the normal rate.

Player umpire details (2019/20) -

To lookup the matches you are required to umpire go to the PDCA site for that Grade.