Ortiz/Yates Medal Voting

Ortiz/Yates Medal Voting

Ortiz/Yates Medal
–This is a prestigious award presented annually to the senior player judged by opposition captains as the best and fairest player in the club.  The medal has been named after the two familes that established the RAMS cricket club and represents the clubs commitment to the ‘Spirit of Cricket’. 

Team Captains need to advise opposing captains of this prior to the commencement of each match asking them to consider on a 3,2,1 vote basis, which players from the RAMs team have performed best and demonstrated the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ during the match.  They are to annotate those votes in the scorebook and initial.  

As per the Player of the Round above, votes are to be sent by text to club secretary Werner Odendaal by no later than 6:30pm on the day of the second week of each round (or at the conclusion of one day matches).  The votes will be revealed count as part of the Senior presentation night and the winner will receive this prestigious medal and a place in club history. 

In the event that an opposing captain does not provide votes then no player from that game will poll (unless exceptional circumstances exist e.g. the opposition team forfeits or a washout on the second week - in which case the captain can nominate a 3,2,1) so it is very important to make sure you get the opposition captains lined up at the beginning of the game. 

To keep things simple please use the following template for your text msg:

Rnd # - Team - 3 – full name, 2 – full name, 1 – full name